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腰痛肩こりはもちろんうつ症状、自律神経調整、顎関節症、膝痛に芦屋市,神戸の呼吸整体院イースガーデン > english seitai easegarden kyoto japan/オステオパシー/整体/宝塚市/灘区/東灘区/芦屋市/西宮市/明石市/須磨区/舞子


seitai theraputic body work

you need more than relaxation?

try something you cannt have backin your country.

seitai is traditional japanese healing method whitch had influenced osteopathy,chiropractic and other altanative medicine.
our seitai teqnique are combination of noguchi seitai. sotai-hou. imoto seitai. and other method which exist in japan.

it helps pain releaf such as headache, joint problem(knee,shoulder,elbor and so on..)
tmj, posture problem, improve your performance..

our clicic located in kyoto city.
653-0032 kobe city hyogo, arata-cyo 3-42-12 japan

business hour 9am-9pm
tel 078-576-5270 cell 080-3822-0776
mail ouya708@hotmail.com

price 6000yen for 60min session
8000yen for 90min session
10000yen for 120min session

you need resevation vis phone or e-mail.

if you have a chance to visit japan. plese visit us. and you will enjoy the new experience
general info about seita from wiki

seitai book in english
we also offer craniosacral therapy
general info for craniosacral therapy


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